27 February 2011



Reviving A Green Lung
The Raja Musa Peat Swamp Forest Reserve
The Raja Musa Forest Reserve covers 23,000 ha and is part of the North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest. Unfortunately, over the past ten years more than 500 ha of the reserve has been illegally cleared and burnt for farming activities and has caused major environmental hazards such as haze. Clearing and fires have also released thousands of tones of greenhouses gases, which contribute to climate change.

This forest reserve is located near Batang Berjuntai/Berjuntai Bestari in the northern region of the Selangor State, Malaysia. Download the map of how to get there.

The government of Selangor has recognized this forest reserve as an important site for the conservation of forest and peatland resources, and has initiated a large scale programme for the clearance of illegal settlers from 500 ha of forest reserve and restoring the forest.

The first community based peat forest rehabilitation programme is currently being jointly implemented in the Raja Musa Forest Reserve by the Selangor State Forestry Department and Global Environment Centre, in collaboration with other NGOs and community groups. This is one of the largest forest rehabilitation projects in Malaysia.

More than 2000 volunteers have helped to plant Mahang seedlings, an indigenous peat swamp forest species which is very fast growing. They are suitable for planting in areas which have been clear felled or burnt. The first objective of the replanting is to rapidly create forest cover which further prevents encroachment into the forest, thus reducing the risk of fire. Take a look at the entire tree planting process >>

Event Title:Tree Planting @ Raja Musa PSF Reserve in conjunction with WWD 2011
26-Feb-2011 Past Event
Venue:Raja Musa, Batang Berjuntai, North Selangor
Organizer:GEC & Selangor State Forestry Department
Theme:26 February 2011 - GEC celebrates World Wetlands Day @ Raja Musa Peat Swamp Forest

Wetlands and Forests is this year theme to celebrate World Wetlands Day and GEC will be celebrating 2011 World Wetlands Day at Raja Musa Peat Swamp Forest Reserve on February 26th.
The Raja Musa Peat Swamp Forest Reserve is a forested wetland area which covers approximately 23,000 ha.  For the past few years, approximately 1000 ha of this area has degraded due to cleared, burnt and drained for agricultural activities and has resulted released of greenhouse gases which contributes to climate change.
To restore the degraded forest area to its closest natural condition, GEC and Selangor State Forestry Department are working together with other partners to improve the water management and replanting of tree seedlings through Raja Musa Rehabilitation Programme. However, rehabilitation activity alone will not work without involvement of community/volunteers.
Hence, GEC is organising a half day tree planting activity in conjunction with World Wetlands Day 2011, to raise awareness on the importance of wetland values and benefits to us, the public. We need 50 volunteers to help us to 800 Mahang and Tenggek Burung tree seedling.
For directions, please access the route map to the Forest Planting Site here
Detail of the event is as follows:
Venue:           Parit 6, Raja Musa Forest Reserve
Date:              26th February 2011(Saturday)
Theme:          Wetlands and Forest
8.00 am
Participant’s arrival and registration at Raja Musa Forest Reserve.
(Morning refreshment will be served).
8.30 am
Arrival of VIPs and foreign delegates.
8.40 am
8.50 am
9.00 am
Welcome address by Director of GEC
Speech by Director of Selangor Forestry Department
Speech by Y.B. Elizabeth Wong (State Exco. for Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment, Selangor) and formal launch of collaborative programme between SFD and GEC on Community Rehabilitation of Raja Musa Forest Reserve Programme 2011).
Un-veiling of plaque and tree planting
Souvenir and certificate presentations to supporters and volunteers.
9.30 am
Flagging off for tree planting activity for rehabilitation of Raja Musa Forest Reserve by Y.B. Elizabeth Wong with support from Bridgestone, HSBC and SEApeat Project.
10.00 am
Press conference
12.00 pm
1.00 pm
Programme ends