11 November 2011

Interesting about 11.11.11

 - 11.11.11 is special because there is no other date that consists of all the same number. The day comes around once every 100 years, meaning today is the only time many people will be alive to experience the unique date. 

- Some websites are predicting the date 11.11.11 marks the end of the world because the comet Elenin, Earth, Venus and Mercury are expected to align. 

- 111111 x 111111 = 12345654321 

- The movie 11.11.11 will be released on the 11.11.11. It follows a famed American author whose wife and child are killed. He keeps seeing the number 11 and soon realises 11.11.11 is more than just a date, it's a warning. 

- 11.11.11 marks the 93rd anniversary of Armistice Day. Armistice Day was the last day of WWI. It is observed with one minute of silence at 11am. 

- The last time 11.11.11 occurred, temperatures dropped significantly in the United States. On November 11,1911, Kansas City was a warm 76F (24C) in the morning - but this had dropped to 11F (-12C) by the end of the day. It also dropped substantially in other states. The event became known as the Great Blue Norther. 

- The date is seen as being a lucky and many people around the world have chosen to make it their wedding date. Thousands are expected to flock to Las Vegas... there's no forgetting the anniversary! 

- The number 11.11.11 is a classic example of apophenia, the human urge to see patterns in essentially random events. 

- A group from the Netherlands have declared the 11.11.11 the third world day of interconnectedness and have a number of events planned, including a guided visualisation journey and a 'Mirror of Love' gathering.